Well, I’m back! Again!

Damn, it’s been nigh a year since I updated this blog. For those still read it, I apologize for my silence. I’ve gotten pretty dejected over this hobby, mainly the decisions made by GW over the last decade, and it really killed my interest in bothering. To make a long story short, my painting is fueled by a desire to play. With all the ass-hattery that GW was throwing around, I didn’t want to bother with them. As a consequence my hobby interest dried up.

I’ve been quiet, but I’ve been watching. I can say, this current edition of 40K is solid. Really solid. It’s like GW started testing their product before release. All the 7th edition books have been fairly balanced. No over the top bullshit (Tau/Eldar/Knights) really to speak of.

With the arrival of the new Necron book I’ve jumped back into the game and hobby. Looking forward to getting into the swing again. Again…

Shawn G. (Soul)

One thought on “Well, I’m back! Again!”

  1. Welcome back I really like your necrons and I am using your paint scheme (altered slightly) for my necrons

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