Battle for Blob’s Park Review

So I got back home from Blob’s Park last night at 12:30am and I have to say that was THE most fun I’ve ever had with this hobby. I met a slew of incredible players, played 4 fun and intense games, and saw some of the most talented hobbyists I’ve ever come across. I’m so glad I kicked myself in the ass and went.

I more or less broke even for the event with 1 major/minor victories and 2 minor losses. I and I have to say that’s not too bad for my first competitive tourney with a non-optimized list. I have not been excited like this about this hobby in years and I can’t wait for my next tourney fix.

High Points of the Battle at Blob’s Park:

John Matthews – It was a real honor meeting him didn’t get to play him though. ☹

There was a painting competition at Blobs so I took my Necrosphinx and my Nurgle Demon Prince. Cool Mini or Not (CMoN) was supporting it for as minor Crystal Brush event with the top prize being a ticket to Adepticon but they backed out last minute. My sphinx took best large mini. The prize was a resin Elf on Great Eagle and The 7 Day Army Painter DVD both from CMoN.

I was the only TK player there, which kind of surprised me. I’m glad because it netted me best TK general for just showing up and a free Necrosphinx/Warsphinx kit. That prize was more expensive then the entry fee so I was in the green!

I also got a box of Kings of War elven archers just for showing up.

All-in-all I had a blast at Blob’s and I can’t wait for the next event. I’m already revising my list for optimization. My TK mojo has returned!

Shawn G. (Soi)

P.S. –  Here are some more pics of the display I did for this event. (I’ll explain the Sphinx in a later post)

Blob's Army Display

Blob's Army Display

Tomb Kings Update – Necropolis Knights Complete

This blasted unit took me almost a week to complete. Every time I felt like I was making some progress, I’d look up and realize I had HOURS of work left. It was depressing at times.

Well the unit is done, and I’m relieved. I have mixed feelings on how it came out as I rushed the work somewhat, but again I’m glad it’s done.

Next up is completing the display. I’ll have that finished today so I’m on schedule to take pictures at my hobby shop.

Necropolis Knights
Necropolis Knights

Necropolis Knights

Shawn G. (SoI)

Tomb Kings Tourney Update

~Minor Update~

I’ve completed 3 Necro Knights. HOLY CRAP this unit takes forever to finish! I’ve finished/mounted the command elements and one additional snake.

I’ve 2 more snakes, but they are sitting around 60% done (I have to finish/wash the metal elements). I also have 3 crew to do.

As much time as this blasted unit is taking me to complete, I’m unsure if I’ll even have time to get to Arkhan. I may have time on Friday but I don’t want to rush him as he’s the whole reason I’ve done this army. Thank the dark gods I’ve a plethora (Yes Jeffe) of completed Liche Priests completed already.

Shawn G. (SoI)

Blob’s Park Update

So I’ve just about hammered out my army list for the Blob’s Park tourney and it includes a new unit. I’m in the process of painting a unit of 6 Necro Knights for this event.

I must hate myself or something as this unit was VERY time consuming to assemble and completing it along with Arkhan and the display board may require divine/infernal intervention.

I’ll try to get some pictures posted but I need to get enough done to ease the pressure.

Wish me luck and stay tuned.

Shawn G. (SoI)

Tomb Kings going to Blobs Park

I’m a lazy person. I built my Tomb King host to compete on the tournament scene and major painting events. Have I taken it to any? No.

As the date of each event creeps closer, I get more lazy. I had plenty of completed units and more than enough time to compete in the local Armies on Parade event. The closer the deadline got, the more meh I became. I wanted to go to Nova this year. What happened? Meh.

No more meh! I’ve paid for this last event and my wife will skin me alive if I don’t participate. Since a flensing at the hands of my spouse is not something I care to experience, I’m going to Battle for Blobs Park! Although I wish I’d kicked myself in the ass one week earlier…

I haven’t touched this army hobby wise since mid June and I’ve still a few units I need to complete for this event on the 24th. I’ve one character, one unit, and a display board to complete. I’ve got a lot of work to do…

Details coming soon!