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Zep Industrial Purple Degreaser

Cleaning minis is easy. You just need the right stuff to get the job done quickly without damaging the model. I use Zep Industrial Degreaser. It can be found in Home Depot.

I guess I can call myself lucky because this is the only cleaner I’ve ever used for model cleansing/repainting. I have heard horror tales of people loosing whole units to Simple Green shenanigans. You won’t have to worry about this stuff melting your precious hobby goodies.

Zep Insrustrial Degreaser


Strong – This stuff is really strong. With time Zep will breakdown super glue bindings. It won’t dissolve the glue mind you, it will just make it brittle and the parts will come apart.

Fast – It takes a few hours for this stuff to work its magic but you won’t have to wait long to get your minis back. Eight hours in this dip and your minis should be good to go. I tend to leave my models soaking for around 24. Longer then this and you’ll be in the zone where it will begin to have an effect on your glue and any sculpting work you’ve done.

Gentle – I have left models, both metal and plastic, soaking in this stuff for weeks at a time with no ill effects. The paint washed off with no scrubbing needed. It’s awesome!

Cheap – A 5 gallon bottle of this stuff will cost around $6 and last you for years. I’m only on my second one.

Use Gloves – I’m pretty sure you can use this stuff without gloves but you don’t want to. Without gloves your fingers will feel like they have some super slick oil/lube on them that doesn’t wash off with water and it’s kind of annoying. As a concentrated formula it sticks to your skin and takes several washings to get off.

Green Stuff – Zep’s only true negative. This stuff will damage your sculpt work if you leave the model soaking for too long. It softens the cured putty enough for your toothbrush to be able to scratch it. I don’t clean sculpt work often enough to provide you with a gauge. I would not soak longer then 8 hours. Be careful.

Toxic – Do I really need to go over this? It’s used to clean car parts not to drink.

Get this stuff and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. Shawn…. Love your blog!

    With this degreaser do you just use it out of the bottle or do you mix it with water as recommended?

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