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Well, I’m Back…

Greetings viewers (if anyone still even reads this blog),

It’s been over a year since I’ve updated Glaven. Sorry about that people. I’ve been in a terrible rut that has all but eradicated any hobby interest. I think I’ve played 4 games of 40K this year…

Anyway, I went over to a friends house to discuss the merits of the High Elf army and how they function and I felt the spark return! I actually have an itch to build and paint again!

I’ll be taking it slow so I don’t burn myself out again, but I think things are going to go back to how they were.

Shawn G. (SoI)

Been Busy as Hell!

Sorry for the lack of content people. I’ve been a tad swamped. After Adepticon I had a 7 page essay to write and other crap to do. But things have calmed down and I have time again.

First up I’d like to introduce a good friend of mine who will be posting content to Glaven. Mike is to kit building, terrain, and basing as I am to painting. Here’s one of his recent works:

Rock of Aegis

That’s your queue Chew…

Secondly, I’ve gotten at least 1 of all the new Necron kits and they are awesome! Pics forthcoming.

And lastly, I’m trying to figure out if I intend to go to Armies on Parade at GD this year. I didn’t compete last year with my Tomb Kings and missed out. With the changes to my local hobby shop on the horizon, I think I may pass this year as well and focus on preping my ‘Crons for Nova. Decisions and details as soon as I make my mind up.

That’s all I have for now. Stay Tuned.

Shawn G. (SoI)

No more Google Friend Connect…

Sorry people. Google canceled this service for all non-blogger sites starting March 1st of this year.

It’s a shame as I really liked that widget. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let Google force me into moving over to blogger as I like the flexibility of WordPress and because I’m lazy.

I hope those who follow use my RSS feed to get announcements when I post something new.

That crap aside, there will be more ‘Crons posted today!

Shawn G. (Soi)

Made out like a Bandit!!!

So I was digging around on Dakka Dakka last Thursday, when I came across a thread in the News & Rumors section talking about a big sale for Vallejo paints being sold on ebay. I jumped at the chance and snached one lot up and holy crap did I make out good!

Vallejo Lot

5 Vallejo 6 pot packs and 5 Vallejo 16 pot packs. $330 in Vallejo paint for $65 shipped.

I’ll never buy another GW paint!

Now I have to build two more shelves to house them…

Vallejo Lot

Shawn G. (SoI)