Thokt Necron Project – Finished! We are go for the NOVA Open!

Well, I’ve finished all I intend to bring to NOVA, and with 2 days to spare!

Night ScytheNight Scythe

I finished my second Night Scythe last night. I was a little surprised at how quick I was able to hammer this kit out. It inspires me to field some more, though I can’t say that about the Ghost Ark… That kit is pure madness!

Annihilation Barge Mk2Annihilation Barge Mk2

While on the topic of vehicles, I forgot to post this last week. I finished another Annihilation Barge while I was working on those last few warriors. Turned out well.

Whip Coil WraithsWhip Coil Wraiths

Next up are the last 2 models I needed to finish for NOVA. I’ll be using these beauties to represent whip coil wraiths. I may have overdone it a little with the colors on the back of their hoods, but finished is finished.

Re-imagined Wraiths

Here’s a group shot of the whole unit. I now have a proper centerpiece for this army.

Thokt Display leftThokt Display CenterThokt Display Right

Last up are some additional shots of the army on its completed display. I’ve piss poor lighting in my basement so getting a good full shot is nigh impossible. It’s either that, or I have no idea how to use my camera correctly… (My wager is on the latter…)

I would take this over to the GW shop to get some good pics like I did last year for Blob’s Creek, but that shop is depressingly small with worse light then what I have at home. I’ll take them upstairs and see if I can get some good shots there.

Well, that’s it! I’m ready for NOVA and I’m getting pretty damn stoked.

Shawn G. (SoI)

Thokt Necron Project – Warriors & Reworked Wraiths

So, the NOVA Open is a scant 8 days away and I’m still painting.

Necron Warriors

I finished the needed warriors for my list. With them ALL the infantry in intend to paint for this army are complete, at least for a while. Huge milestone passed.

Reimagined Wraiths

I mentioned before that I’ve not been overly compelled to paint the wraiths. While I like the models, they are to damn fragile (the whip coils were designed foolishly). These are my redesigns for this Thokt project. I was worried that the models would not fit the scheme, but that is no longer the case.

Last Saturday I was looking at this project found a problem. As a whole the army looks good, but it was lacking something. It’s been bothering me for weeks now and finally I figured it out. The army has no centerpiece. Couldn’t have that now could I?

I have 2 whip coil designs that I should have finished shortly. They’ll be posted soon. Before NOVA I promise!

Shawn G. (SoI)

Necron Thokt Project – Scarabs, Spiders, Destroyers, & More!

Sorry people for my lack of content. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been in a bit of a rut and it’s been difficult to drum up motivation to paint anything. Well it’s seems like I’ve gotten over that hump and I’ve been cruising nicely. NOVA is only a few short weeks away and I need to get cracking if this project is to get done!

I’ve focused on getting all the small stuff done, and so far this week has been very productive! Here’s what I got done:

Canoptek Spiders

I finished the remaining Canoptek Spiders that have been rotting away on my desk for weeks now. The template model is in the middle.

Canoptek Scarabs

I also knocked out 4 more scarab bases. That completes the necessary scarabs for my display, but I’ll likely hammer out a few more for completeness. Here’s the whole lot as I can’t distinguish the old ones from the new. Which is good I guess!

Necron Heavy Destroyers

Since I’ve pinned down what I intend to bring to NOVA (More on that later…), I built and painted 2 additional Heavy Destroyers for this army. I even utilized a leftover Tesla Destructor to build a left-armed cannon. Not a fan of the Deathmark heads now that they are done, but oh well.

Necron Warrior Mockup Necron Warrior Mockup

My NOVA list includes 2 small units of warriors so I built and painted a template model. I hate the glow rods that these guys come with so I gleaned some new ones from cannibalizing the new rod design out of the plethora of gauss blasters I have sitting around. I have to say, this guy looks good! 9 more to prime and paint!

New Dice Box New Dice Box New Dice Box

Years ago, my wife got me a GW dice box for Christmas. I love that thing and I’ve wanted to use it for years, but it was cast in porcelain like resin. It would break my heart if that thing were to drop and shatter, so it’s sat on my mantle for over a decade. Finally I let my compulsive nature take control and made/painted a dice box for this army.

I molded that beauty up; man did it take a lot of rubber, and cast it in my own black resin. I then painted it in my army colors, magnetized, and varnished the ever-living-crap out of it. And before you ask, yes the dice match my army colors. I did mention I’m compulsive at times…

I’ll be tackling another Annihilation Barge this week while I work on cutting the base slots out of my display board. Cruising along nicely!

Shawn G. (SoI)