Thokt Necron Project – New Cryptek & Overlord WiP’s

I had a build-a-thon with some friends this weekend and here’s what I made:

Cryptek WiPs

Cryptek WiPs

I’m really fond of this Cryptek design, I can’t wait to see them painted.

Overlord WiP

I also hammered out a new Overlord to replace the resin one that broke. I like this style even more then the first. While I enjoy painting Res Orbs, the concept of physically carrying them around on the battlefield did not work for me. I spotted this design on CMoN (Cool Mini or Not) last week and had to steal it. A wrist mounted Res Orb, made from a whittled down voidblade, is much more functional for swinging around a Warscythe.

I’m going to start on the Stalker this week. Shouldn’t be hard to finish.

Shawn G. (SoI)

Thokt Necron Project – Immortals, Deathmarks, Overlord, and Destroyer

Here’s some more Thokt goodies I’ve finished this week. I have to say I grow fonder of this paint scheme with each mini finished.

Necron Immortals

First up, I’ve finished 8 more immortals. That’s 12 done out of the 32 I have built. Not bad, but still quite a bit to do.

Necron Deathmarks

Next up I finished the Deathmark unit I started a while back. They not only look good finished, but these bastards really can pack a punch on the tabletop. That is before they are blasted off of the table by returning fire…

Necron Overlord

Necron Overlord

Next the Overlord I was picking at. After several weeks looking at him I thing I’ll be leaving the rusted color on him to add a serious distinction between him and the standard foot troops. The warm colors of the rust really stand out as a nice contrast.

Necron Heavy Destroyer

Necron Heavy Destroyer

Finally here’s a Heavy Destroyer conversion I’ve had sitting around for the about a month. I really was not to fond of how the tesla cannon (A. Barge kit) looked attached to the destroyer chassis. Friends at the store I frequent liked it and told me it would come together after it was painted, and I’d be damned if they weren’t right! I love the look of this thing!

That’s all for now. I need to build some more Crypteks. Can’t have enough of those! I’ll also fashion a new Overlord from the A-Barge/Praetorian kits. The Finecast one I had broke last weekend. (>_<) I won’t be making anymore Finecast purchases. More to come as I progress. Shawn G. (SoI)

Thokt Necron Project – Scarabs, Menhir, and Doomsday Ark


Sorry for my silence lately. A combination of work and school over the last few weeks has cut into my hobby time. Here’s what I’ve been picking busy with.

Necron Doomsday Ark
Necron Doomsday Ark

Necron Doomsday Ark

First, I finally finished my Doomsday Ark. I really like this kit. I thing it’s the largest 40k model I’ve ever worked on and next to the Tomb Stalker the most complex. That said, this will likely be the last Ark I work on for a LONG while.

Necron Menhirs

Next, I’ve been replicating my Tomb Spider replacements. They look good as a collective. I will probably end up keeping them unless GW releases a multiple model PLASTIC kit. A nice multi-model plastic kit that makes Spiders or Wraiths would be damn sweet. Screw Finecast. Seriously…

Necron Scarabs

Necron Scarabs WiPs

Finally I’ve been cranking out scarabs like mad. The initial batch looks good painted. 5 down, 35 to go…

I’ll be focusing on my troops for a while. It’s best to get the irritating repetitive stuff out of the way so you can enjoy the single sexy units.

I’ll post more as I progress.
Shawn G. (SoI)