Thokt Necron Project – Build-a-thon WiPs

So the 2 weeks last week was consumed with me saving the galaxy from the Reapers. Damn it I love ME…

With that out of the way, I’ve knuckled down and built all my troops (for the most part) so I can start to crank out my infantry. I also want to actually try the army out and let my friend Dave destroy me with his GK. It’s a damn strange thing to watch your army fight another of your armies…

Here’s what I’ve been busy with:

Primed Warriors

I’m not a fan of the warrior kit, but I picked up a few boxes to get some scarabs. May as well paint a squad.

Tesla Immortals

Tesla Immortals. F-Yeah!


The Overlord kit is nice, but I really wish they made this out of plastic. It screams “I’m going to break and piss you off nicely in the not so distant future.”

Cryptek WiP

Cryptek WiP

I’m also trying out a new design for my Crypteks. Slightly larger, but it looks really good.

I’ll have some paint work to post this week as well.

Stay tuned!

Shawn G. (SoI)

Thokt Necron Project – Menhir and Forgeworld Tomb Stalker.

Some may be familiar with this design from my Tomb Kings army. I picked up another Hirst mold (#91) and I’m considering using this make-up for my spiders. While I like the look, I’m not quite sold on the idea. The base turned out awesome though!

Necron Menhir

Necron Menhir

I call them menhir and my design concept is they are conduit points where scarabs can be teleported in from some pocket dimension or buried tomb world. I’m still knocking around the idea of using scarabs or a mass of some other geo-shape to represent them. Not quite sure.

I have to resend my previous statement about the Ghost/Doomsday Ark being the most diabolical kit I ever had to build. This bastard takes the cake…

Tomb Stalker
Tomb Stalker

Tomb Stalker

So much design thinking had to go into building this thing. I first had to build the base keeping how the stalker was going to snake through it in mind. I then had to build the stalker section-by-section, then leg-by-leg, constantly repositioning it on the base to make sure it looked right.

It’s awesome, but hateful. So. Very. Hateful.

Do you want to know what the really sad part is? I have another one to build…


Shawn G. (SoI)

Thokt Necron Project – Works in Progress

I’ve been pretty damn busy these last few days with little time for this project. Here’s some WiP’s of what I have been working on.

Deathmark Template
Deathmark Template

Here’s a template for a Deathmark unit. Looks pretty good!

Lord/Overlord WiP
Lord/Overlord WiP

I really liked the nmm Brass I did for the C’Tan, and I wanted to bring that into my cadre for this army. The brass adds a little royalty to the big wigs without taking too much from the cold sterile look I like in this scheme.

Doomsday Ark Wip
This kit was designed in hell...

I’ll say this now, the Necron Ark kit is the most diabolical kit I have ever had to do. This scheme forces me to paint then assemble so the more parts, the longer it takes to finish. The D-Ark has 35 pieces to paint prior to assembly (painting my way). The G-Ark would have another 20+ pieces to do. Needless to say, I’ll probably won’t be doing many of these kits…

Shawn G. (SoI)

No more Google Friend Connect…

Sorry people. Google canceled this service for all non-blogger sites starting March 1st of this year.

It’s a shame as I really liked that widget. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let Google force me into moving over to blogger as I like the flexibility of WordPress and because I’m lazy.

I hope those who follow use my RSS feed to get announcements when I post something new.

That crap aside, there will be more ‘Crons posted today!

Shawn G. (Soi)

Tomb Kings in Space – Thokt Necron Army

Tomb Kings in Space – Thokt Necron Army

When the Necron codex dropped 4th quarter last year, I drooled over the new rules and models, but couldn’t dedicate any real time to them as I had 2 commissions to grind through before I could allow any goodies for myself. With my commissions done (on the most part), it’s time to break ground and paint myself a 40K army!

I found a paint scheme in the new codex that I thought was pretty damn smexy. I broke it down to its component colors and drafted a scheme that was easy to replicate:

Necron Immortal
Thokt Dynasty Immortal

Necron Immortal
Thokt Dynasty Immortal

Since then, I’ve tested the scheme on some different/larger kits with impressive results:

Thokt Dynasty Annihilation Barge

Now it’s time to draft an army!

Some of you may be familiar with my Army of Arkhan the Black project for Tomb Kings last year, so you should find my methodology recognizable. If you are not, I’ll make it simple: I’m quite compulsive…

Army List:
Details below.

Color Scheme:
Body Primary – Flat Black highlighted with VMC Basalt Grey (70869) and VMC Sky Grey (70989).
Body Secondary – GW Foundation Dheneb Stone highlighted with VMC Ivory (70918).
Glowing Bits – VGC Magic Blue (72021) highlighted with white.

Notes – Notice there are no metals in this scheme. Why would a culture as old as the Necrotyr rely on metallic compounds instead of synthesized alloys? GW’s metal scheme is completely uninspired! Is my nerd side showing?

Current Model Range Concerns
Warriors – Not a fan of these guys. Won’t be using too many.
Spiders – I have a conversion idea for these. Give me a few days…
Scarabs – I’m not a fan of warriors so I’ll be getting these elsewhere.
Crypteks – Converted from the Praetorian kit.

Notes – Other then waiting on the remaining kits to be released (Night Scythes), I’ll have plenty to work on till GW decides my money is worth taking.

Army List
Normally I build an army out of the stuff I thought was cool to paint. This ‘technique’ has gotten me in trouble more then once so this time I’m doing it right!

My last commission was a FW Librarian for resident gaming guru Tony Kopach. My payment was for him to craft me an army list and kick my ass until I learned to use it correctly. Fair trade in my eyes.

Until the Night Scythe is released I’ll be building a modified “Death by Scarab” list with the Traveler, foot-slogging Immortals with Crypteks, and one metric arse-load of spiders & scarabs.

I’ll also be adding in some fun stuff along the way.

Shawn G. (SoI)

Commission Work – Forgeworld Librarian for Tony Kopach

Librarian Loth
Librarian Loth
Librarian Loth

Librarian Loth

I did this Librarian for Springfield’s resident 40K guru Tony Kopach for his Astral Claws army. Loth was crawling with detail, but really didn’t take too long to complete (3 days).

I wanted to try my hand at some NMM techniques and they came out pretty good. NMM is not a strong point for me so took this opportunity to get some practice in. The base was left plain as I have no idea how the rest of his army looks.

The only problem I had was with the power axe they designed for him. It’s too small and rather uninspired compared to the rest of the miniature. I recommended Tony do a little kit-bashing and find a suitable replacement. He would look pretty damn bad-ass with a halberd or force staff.

All in all, great mini that was loads of fun to paint. My he rain death upon the heads of Tony’s foes.

Shawn G. (SoI)