Necron Project – Thoth for Thokt!

Necron C'Tan Thoth

Necron C'Tan Thoth

This mini kind of painted itself. I wanted to see if my Thokt paint scheme would work on a different type of model and I was surprised at how well it turned out!

This beauty will represent a C’Tan in my Necron army if I can get it off the ground. I don’t mind the old Deceiver/Nightbringer minis, but I wanted to try something new and with all the new Tomb King’s kit’s I have knocking about, I thought I should give one a try.

He’s not quite perfect to represent Thoth (no ibis head), but he’s close enough!

Moar Necrons – Annihilation Barge

So after a few months painting Grey Knights I needed to do something different to break up the monotony. I’ve had this thing sitting on my desk teasing me for far too long and I had to see what would look like completed.

Thokt Dynasty Annihilation Barge
Thokt Dynasty Annihilation Barge
Thokt Dynasty Annihilation Barge

Thokt Dynasty Annihilation Barge

This thing looks pretty damn cool! I may have overdone it with the line highlights but I don’t care. It’s sweet. These bastards may end up being my army for 40K!

Shawn G. (SoI)

Grey Knights Commission – Terminators Complete

I grinded on these bastards for about 11 hours between Wednesday and Thursday of last week to get them finished. And finally they are done and delivered to Dave. I’ve still 4 models to complete for him but this project is just about done.

Grey Knight Terminators
Done at last!

When I get the last four done, should be next week sometime, I’ll take a few group shots of all the units together.

More coming soon.

Shawn G. (SoI)

Grey Knights Commission – All Marines done

I’ve been grinding through this army trying to make up for lost time in December and January. I still have quite a few models to complete, but my goal is to have this army completed and ready for delivery on Sunday the 5th. That will put me 5 days behind. I’m not pleased with missing my schedule, but life happens and you just have to deal sometimes.

Anyway, I’ve knocked out all the marine variants of this force. All that’s left are Coteaz, a pile of termies, and Karamazov. I’m saving him for last as he should be a real treat!

Here are some group shots of what’s done so far:

Space Marine Group Shot
Space Marine Group Shot 2

Space Marine Group Shot 3

Here’s the mockup of the Terminators I have to complete next. While it works fine on marines, this style breaks down on larger models. He needs more. I may have to do something special with that text. I’m going to hate it, but they need more detail!

Terminator Mockup WiP 1
Kind of bland...

Terminator Mockup WiP 2
Need's more...

Lastly here’s a WiP of Coteaz. Pleased with the armor so far. Where I’m not a fan of this codex, I am a huge fan of this model. That, and how could you not be someone awesome with Torquemada for a name?

Coteaz WiP
Coteaz WiP

Time to get ready for class tonight.

Shawn G. (SoI)