First Commission Project – Imperial Fists

So I’ve decided to break into commission painting to fund my hobby addiction. I’m going to keep my commissions local for now so I don’t bite off more then I can chew.

The first project is a unit of 10 Imperial Fists. I hate this chapter with a passion and yellow is such a HUGE pain to get looking right, but I’ve been holding onto this unit for my pal Mike for almost a year now so he’s due.

Imperial Fist Commission
Blasted Dorn Spawn...

The sergeant’s banner is my first attempt at free hand. It’s not a strong point for me, but I know I have the brush control so it’s time I get some practice in.

My next project will be a Grey Knight army for another friend Dave. I’ll post more on them after I get these bastards done.

Shawn G. (SoI)