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WiPs! WiPs! WiPs!

Greetifications Upon Ye!

So I haven’t updated this blog in a few weeks but I have been busy. I managed to finish all the models we needed for Adepticon and we went and had a blast. I think I’ll making that an annual event from now on. I may go to the NOVA Open this year but I’ve yet to make up my mind. If I do it will be for the Narrative. I’m done with the GT events.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been picking at lately:

Forgeworld Tomb Stalker

Necron Tomb Stalker

I built this model back in 2012 and never finished it. Now that I’m in the process of rebasing my army (up to 32mm), I’ve pulled it out of cold storage and will be slapping some paint on it. I think it will go really quickly as I’ve incorporated my airbrush into my paint scheme and it’s cut my completion time down by a considerable margin. I have a few things up in the air at the moment but I’ll be finishing this model soon. I just wish the rules for it weren’t so terrible…

Necron Obelisk

Necron Obelisk   Necron Obelisk Base

I’ve wanted one of these for years and the wife gave me the go to buy one a few weeks back and I was cheesing pretty dam hard. It wasn’t too hard to build (80% done), and once things settle down this will get painted. After the stalker I believe. I gave it a 120mm round base in my new Frozen Wasteland theme. It just needs snow to polish it off.

New Frozen Bases

Frozen Wasteland Base   Frozen Wasteland Base   Canoptek Spyder Rebased

Frozen Wasteland Base   Frozen Wasteland Base   Frozen Wasteland Base

I’ve been continuing to create new bases for my units and I cranked out 3 new bases for my Canoptek Spyders. One of them snapped off his base a few weeks back so I can see how the Thokt theme goes with this new style. I kind of like them, but I believe this whole style/theme will come together once the models are done and the army display is designed for it.

I’ve also found the perfect base in which to mount Necron Arks. The oval base that comes with the Imperial Knight is perfect. Here’s my prototype:

Necron Ghost Ark Base

That’s all for now but stay tuned, I’ve got a BIG project lined up! More on that shortly!

New base design – Frozen Wasteland

So I’ve admitted several times that I’m terrible at basing. I just never got the knack for having my bases match my paint schemes in look or design. My techniques just don’t translate to terrain. I have only one style I know how to do well because it’s kind of brainless. Snow.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of rebasing this army to a snow theme and while it would be a little time consuming, it really wouldn’t be hard. Cold soulless robots marching across a frozen lifeless wasteland? Sign me up!

Here’s the style I’m looking at so far:

Snow Base Test   Snow Base Test

Here’s it next to one of my new destoyers. I’ll have the unit finished this week and I’ll post and go over the revision of my paint scheme.

Snow Base Test   Snow Base Test

Shawn G. (Soul)

Necron Ghost Ark

So, last year I promised my friend Mark I’d join his team and go to Adepticon. Mark has been instrumental in keeping my interest in this hobby alive and if it weren’t for his constant badgering, prodding, and teasing, it’s very likely I would have shut down for the duration. I’ll never say this to his face, his head is big enough. XD

Anyway back in 2012,I built and painted a Doomsday Ark. I’m unsure if you are aware, but hat kit is a NIGHTMARE to assemble. It has a mind-numbing amount of parts and I swore I would never build another, but they are so good now. Like scary good. And the Adepticon list we are building calls for 4. Here’s the first:

Ghost Ark   Ghost Ark   Ghost Ark

This thing took hours to build and longer to paint, I’m rusty and I’ve been trying some new things to cut completion time. I opted do not include the ‘crew’for two reasons. Firstly, the 10 mounted warriors are 50+ parts to assemble. 50. Seriosuly. 50+. Second, I didn’t think the paint scheme I designed for my warriors would lend enough visual interest to warrant such suffering in assembly. I was worried I would not like it when it was complete, but I do. I like the ‘openness’ of it.

I built a cool base for it to float over. I used some pine bark for the rocks, but I suck at base design. I’ve never been happy in any base scheme I’ve created save for snow bases. A base redesign may be in order. I’ll try a few things and post my results to get your opinions.

Shawn G. (Soul)

Thokt Necron Project – Finished! We are go for the NOVA Open!

Well, I’ve finished all I intend to bring to NOVA, and with 2 days to spare!

Night ScytheNight Scythe

I finished my second Night Scythe last night. I was a little surprised at how quick I was able to hammer this kit out. It inspires me to field some more, though I can’t say that about the Ghost Ark… That kit is pure madness!

Annihilation Barge Mk2Annihilation Barge Mk2

While on the topic of vehicles, I forgot to post this last week. I finished another Annihilation Barge while I was working on those last few warriors. Turned out well.

Whip Coil WraithsWhip Coil Wraiths

Next up are the last 2 models I needed to finish for NOVA. I’ll be using these beauties to represent whip coil wraiths. I may have overdone it a little with the colors on the back of their hoods, but finished is finished.

Re-imagined Wraiths

Here’s a group shot of the whole unit. I now have a proper centerpiece for this army.

Thokt Display leftThokt Display CenterThokt Display Right

Last up are some additional shots of the army on its completed display. I’ve piss poor lighting in my basement so getting a good full shot is nigh impossible. It’s either that, or I have no idea how to use my camera correctly… (My wager is on the latter…)

I would take this over to the GW shop to get some good pics like I did last year for Blob’s Creek, but that shop is depressingly small with worse light then what I have at home. I’ll take them upstairs and see if I can get some good shots there.

Well, that’s it! I’m ready for NOVA and I’m getting pretty damn stoked.

Shawn G. (SoI)

Thokt Necron Project – Warriors & Reworked Wraiths

So, the NOVA Open is a scant 8 days away and I’m still painting.

Necron Warriors

I finished the needed warriors for my list. With them ALL the infantry in intend to paint for this army are complete, at least for a while. Huge milestone passed.

Reimagined Wraiths

I mentioned before that I’ve not been overly compelled to paint the wraiths. While I like the models, they are to damn fragile (the whip coils were designed foolishly). These are my redesigns for this Thokt project. I was worried that the models would not fit the scheme, but that is no longer the case.

Last Saturday I was looking at this project found a problem. As a whole the army looks good, but it was lacking something. It’s been bothering me for weeks now and finally I figured it out. The army has no centerpiece. Couldn’t have that now could I?

I have 2 whip coil designs that I should have finished shortly. They’ll be posted soon. Before NOVA I promise!

Shawn G. (SoI)

Necron Thokt Project – Scarabs, Spiders, Destroyers, & More!

Sorry people for my lack of content. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been in a bit of a rut and it’s been difficult to drum up motivation to paint anything. Well it’s seems like I’ve gotten over that hump and I’ve been cruising nicely. NOVA is only a few short weeks away and I need to get cracking if this project is to get done!

I’ve focused on getting all the small stuff done, and so far this week has been very productive! Here’s what I got done:

Canoptek Spiders

I finished the remaining Canoptek Spiders that have been rotting away on my desk for weeks now. The template model is in the middle.

Canoptek Scarabs

I also knocked out 4 more scarab bases. That completes the necessary scarabs for my display, but I’ll likely hammer out a few more for completeness. Here’s the whole lot as I can’t distinguish the old ones from the new. Which is good I guess!

Necron Heavy Destroyers

Since I’ve pinned down what I intend to bring to NOVA (More on that later…), I built and painted 2 additional Heavy Destroyers for this army. I even utilized a leftover Tesla Destructor to build a left-armed cannon. Not a fan of the Deathmark heads now that they are done, but oh well.

Necron Warrior Mockup Necron Warrior Mockup

My NOVA list includes 2 small units of warriors so I built and painted a template model. I hate the glow rods that these guys come with so I gleaned some new ones from cannibalizing the new rod design out of the plethora of gauss blasters I have sitting around. I have to say, this guy looks good! 9 more to prime and paint!

New Dice Box New Dice Box New Dice Box

Years ago, my wife got me a GW dice box for Christmas. I love that thing and I’ve wanted to use it for years, but it was cast in porcelain like resin. It would break my heart if that thing were to drop and shatter, so it’s sat on my mantle for over a decade. Finally I let my compulsive nature take control and made/painted a dice box for this army.

I molded that beauty up; man did it take a lot of rubber, and cast it in my own black resin. I then painted it in my army colors, magnetized, and varnished the ever-living-crap out of it. And before you ask, yes the dice match my army colors. I did mention I’m compulsive at times…

I’ll be tackling another Annihilation Barge this week while I work on cutting the base slots out of my display board. Cruising along nicely!

Shawn G. (SoI)

Necron Thokt Project – Redesigned Crypteks, Immortals, and Completed Scythe

The preparation for NOVA continues.

Necron Immortals

First up, I knocked out 5 more immortals last week. Thins brings the needed model count down to 8. I used some Praetorian heads to represent sergeants for my squads. I know, I know; “Necrons don’t have sergeants!”. But I like it and it looks cool so shut up.

I’ve already started the last batch and plan to have them completed this week.

Necron Cryptek Redesign Necron Cryptek Redesign

Next are my Cryptek redesigns. I opted to redesign my C’tek a while back, as I didn’t think they looked robust enough to be minor characters. I used the Praetorian/Liche Guard kit to make them look a little beefier, and I have to say I dig this design a lot more. I’m especially fond of the glowing orbs on their backs.

Necron Night/Doom Scythe Necron Night/Doom Scythe Necron Night/Doom Scythe

Lastly, I got my bases from Dragon Forge last week. I set them up as masters for my checker plate base design and casted the molds. I now can produce my own 150mm, 120mm, 100mm, and 80mm bases. Having a large variety of base layouts has been so useful!

I used a 120mm base to mount the flying stand for my scythe. I actually pinned the flying stand to the base as I didn’t trust glue to be strong enough on it’s own. The rock formations I made out of sculpey were really easy to cut with an X-acto so I got the look I was striving for.

I already said how much I love this kit, and I like it even more after it was painted. After adding the flying stand this model is likely now my favorite! It’s so damn sweet it gave me cavities. I must have more! And after the rules for flyers in 6th combined with the Necron FAQ, I’ll likely have at least 6 Scythe variants.

That’s all I gotz for now. More to come as I progress.

Shawn G. (SoI)

Necron Thokt Project – Prepping for NOVA Open

Necron Army Project for NOVA Open
NOVA Open here I come!

Ok, so I’ve pinned down (for the most part) what I intend to bring to NOVA 2012. I fully intended to go last year, but a combination of laziness and Hurricane Irene kept me from going. This year however I’m going come Hell or high water!

I’ve been juggling around whether or not to bring the Space Chicken (C’tan) but at the moment I’m going to leave him home. This may change however as I’m just not feeling driven to paint my wraiths (more on that later).

Here’s my preliminary NOVA ‘Crons:

Overlord w/ Command Barge
4 Crypteks
2 Triarch Stalkers
25 Tesla Immortals
9 Canoptek Scarabs
5 Tomb Blades
6 Canoptek Wraiths
2 Annialation Barges
3 Canoptek Spiders

Not to bad eh? The list has lots of variety that shows off the character of the model range.

What’s Painted:
3 Crypteks
1 Triarch Stalkers
12 Tesla Immortals (5 man squads)
5 Canoptek Scarabs
1 Tomb Blades
1 Annialation Barges
1 Canoptek Spiders

Still quite a bit to do. My first task will be to knock out all of the infantry as they are the most numerous. I’ll be focusing on the immortals and scarabs until they are done. On the topic of scarabs, I’ll likely be painting the remaining 19 to cover spider spawns.

More to come as I progress

Shawn G. (SoI)