Infinity – Vanilla Aleph


I’m currently working on a new paint project for Infinity. I have not painted anything serious since my Yu Jing mining table back at the start of the year. I’ve decided to buckle down and start another paint project and this time it’s Aleph!

Color Scheme:

  • Body – Dark grey with pale grey/white lining w/ white paneling for contrast
  • Arms – White with a grey undertone
  • Glowing Bits – Orange
  • Straps/Bags – Terracotta leather

For the bases I’m trying something new. Basing has never been one of my strong points (look at my Arkhan Tomb Kings). I’m trying a style I’ve never seen before that my friend Robert suggested. First of all all the bases will blank save for a airbrushed tone. All of my army will be broken into color types. Here are the shades I’ve chosen so far.

  • Civilian HVTs – Green
  • Line troopers (Deva) – Violet
  • Posthumans – Blue
  • Named Characters – Yellow
  • Myrmidons – Red
  • Inorganics – Orange

I have a pretty damn cool idea for a display when all this is finished but I need to get there first.

First model up is the test model Myrmidon Doctor-Officer Machaon. I like how this guy came out. The scheme gels with me and uses my favorite colors. ‘m forcing myself to get good with faces. While not perfect, I managed a semblance of 5 o’clock shadow on Machaon. Sorry for the image quality. I really need to get/build a photo light box.

Machaon Machaon

Next up is one of my line troops a Dakini Tactbot. No duster to paint on this mini so I didn’t have to paint leather. Brought the white theme from the shoulders on Machaon all the way down the arms. I think I will keep that in the scheme. Lighting came out half decent as well. Need more practice there.These models are a right pain to put together. I hope they update the kit soon. Need to be on the level of sexiness that is the Garuda.

Here are the models from the previous scheme I was attempting. I think I will keep these as experiments in color and for display purposes. I like the scheme and it’s colors. It has nice contrast, but was not fun to pain. Didn’t gel with me. These models also show off the basing design I’m trying out. I believe it will really begin to stand out when I have more then 4 finished.

That’s all I got. More to come as I progress.

Shawn G. (SoI)

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