Screaming Skull Catapult Finished!

Screaming Skull CatapultScreaming Skull CatapultScreaming Skull Catapult

This thing was a real joy to paint.

I decided to mount tit on a 120mm round to try something new, and I really like the way it turned out. I used my Dremel to grind out the base slots and added some metal plates so I could magnetize the crew to the base.

It had plenty of fun parts, but also just as many annoying/monotonous sections. Having to do all that bone was a real pain, then having to blacken and highlight all those ribbons was even worse. I can say I did end up saving a lot of time using my airbrush to get the priming and base coats done. Doing that with a brush would have been a nightmare!

Since I’ve been painting again, I can see I’m rusty. These last few things I’ve worked on have not been as ‘sharp’ as the work I’m used to completing. A few more units and I think I’ll be back to full speed.

Shawn G. (SoI)

4 thoughts on “Screaming Skull Catapult Finished!”

  1. Looks really nice (as does the mournghul btw, ace job!)
    i mounted mine on square bases made from modular movement tray bases, but but i didnt leave enough room to fit the crew on to.
    If i ever get around to rebasing i think ill steal this idea 🙂

    I will also say good job on choosing to pick this up as a finecast kit, i built 2 metal ones in an afternoon and i had to hide them in a cupboard for some time afterwards so as not to remind myself of the whole horrible process and rekindle my rage. Honestly, even using the blobs of green stuff as buffer & accelerator method, the damn things would just LITERALLY explode into bits again as i was getting the last bits together. In fact…GRR

    Im calm now. honest.

    Also meant to post earlier on your comeback post, but its good to see you back on the hobby horse and posting again, i also tend to find my interest in the hobby waxes and wanes in cycles, but a good break often sees me come back invigorated and enthusiastic once more.

  2. @Rich – I had a metal one of these and it was one of the most infuriating models I’ve ever put together. It was back when the list first came out and I didn’t really know about pinning. Horrible day that was…

    That aside I’m glad to be back. Having fun painting again and trying new stuff. I’m working on something non-TK at the moment and will have that up soon.

    @SJ – Thank you! Glad to be working again.

    Shawn (SoI)

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