Necrosphinx WiP

Tomb King Necrosphinx – Phase I Complete!

My original concept was to follow the style GW’s heavy metal team provided except to paint the body as if it was carved from onyx instead. The blue while completely beautiful seems a little out of place to me. So I opted to change direction for this kit and challenge myself at the same time.

Here’s my concept:


  • 60x100mm resin base from Dragon Forge’s Temple line.
  • Onyx paint scheme with directional highlighting.
  • Gloss varnish


  • Sandstone scheme for contrast against the gloss/black of the base.
  • Claws in gold


  • Antiqued gold with multiple highlights.
  • Blue/Red gem detailing
  • Wing ‘feathers’ and body surrounding the abdomen cartouche will be in onyx to tie the model to the base.


  • Death mask will be gold matching the body. Someone knocked of the false beard at the store so that’s out.
  • Hood will be in onyx with gold detailing

I’ll be trying to knock this out in phases:
I – Sandstone body and base
II – Body armor, tail, & wings
III – Torso, hood, & face

This concept will focus on contrast, color control, and balance. I have not challenged myself in a long time so this will be fun.

Shawn G. (SoI)

Necrosphinx Base
Necrosphinx Base
Necrosphinx WiP
Necrosphinx WiP
Necrosphinx WiP
Necrosphinx WiP

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